Real Estate in Mauritius

Becoming an owner of a luxurious property close to a beautiful white sandy beach is a now a dream within reach. Indeed, investing in luxury real estate in Mauritius is no longer an obstacle course.

The Broll agency offers a wide range of services that will perfectly meet your needs and expectations. To find a luxury appartment or villa in Mauritius, we can extend the search area to various residential towns like Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, Tamarin and Grand Bay.

Communication is at the heart of our expertise. We personally take at heart the importance in providing all relevant information necessary to buy a property in Mauritius. Professionals are best placed to know the background of the property market in Mauritius. You may discover through our website the price per square meter, the current rules ,rents applicable by sector, real estate trends , etc ...

It is essential to know the various regulations that apply in buying a property in Mauritius. Most of them concern specifically foreigners that want to buy properties in Mauritius.

To purchase a luxury villa in Mauritius, it is possible to go through a real estate agent or real estate classified ads . This gives you a choice between luxury villas , contemporary houses, penthouses, etc ...

Properties that are authorized for sale to non-Mauritian citizens are generally luxury villas that are listed in the so called Real Estate Programs, IRS or IHS.

The new real estate programs as EVACO offer luxury apartments to live in Mauritius. Luxury properties often offer an exceptional view, as well as top range equipment.

Why invest in Mauritius?

Living in Mauritius can generate a number of benefits. Foreigners who choose Mauritius to settle down and start a new life choose to invest in a tax - friendly country and a favorable political and economic environment. A true tax haven, there is only one imposition which is a choice of selection for foreigners.

Besides that, there are many career opportunities. The Mauritian economy is booming and many areas are very promising.

The country's stability is an asset for investors seeking both a secure legal framework and good governance. Also, Mauritius is a member of several international organizations advocating investment security as the United Nations (1968 ), WTO (1995), the Common Wealth , the Francophonie and the African Union.

Its privileged location makes it a hub of the Indian Ocean to the business environment. The low taxation, transparent and fair provides investors a nice place to settle.

The real estate property investment is a program adopted by the Mauritian government to allow foreign access to properties by buying a house or a penthouse.

You can enjoy an extraordinary landscape, the sweet life of Mauritians, and become a permanent resident of the island.

You'll enjoy the wonders of the island ( Ile aux Cerfs , Black River , Black Rocks , Trou aux Biches , etc ...)

Trust our professionalism for a successful rental investment in Mauritius. We provide an excellent rental management of a IRS or RES that will assure you a good rental income. The device comprises several other benefits :

  • The expertise of properties
  • The management of a resale
  • Rental management
  • Negotiations of the charges with the joint property
  • The various real estate transactions
  • The different administrative procedures

Finding a beautiful villa for sale is our work. The holiday of your dreams can have sea or panoramic vue, a large terracee, a private pool or in a sports complex.

Before investing in Mauritius in a very high standard residence, it is imperative to know the difference between the 3 patterns of possible investment schemes.

The IRS scheme allows to buy a full ownership property for a minimum price of $ 500,000 USD. To enjoy it, the future owner must pay a government tax of $ 50,000 USD. The land on which the property is built must not exceed 10ha, that is 3.41874 acres.

RES schemes, the property is built on land of a minimum of 4000 square meters. Price may vary accordingly to the size of the project, but is generally less than $ 500,000 USD.

The IHS is an investment scheme for foreign buyers to own a room or suite in a hotel. You may stay there a limited number of nights a year while the hotel manages the operation of the property rental agreement.