In most cases, the buying process is similar to buying an off-plan property, also known as VEFA (Vente en l’état future d’achèvement) in France:

– During a property acquisition as a non-resident in Mauritius, you must make a request at the Board Of Investment (BOI) via your project promoter (anticipate a sum of 10 000 MUR, equivalent to approximately 220 €).

– This request is accompanied with a copy of your passport and the recommendation form of your bank known as “Know Your Customer”.

– In the meantime, you can proceed with the signing of the booking contract with various suspensive clauses.

– Once done, you need to transfer within 7 days, the deposit (5% or 10% of the total) in the escrow account in your name in a Mauritian bank.

– You can make the loan application for the acquisition of your property if necessary.

– Once the authorization to acquire is given by the BOI, you can proceed to the signing of the deed of sale.

– Transfer of 25% or 30% of the total price (5% deposit included).

– The payment schedule is based on the progress of work (based on a 25% payment done at the signing of the deed of sale) :

– 10% – completion of foundations

– 35% – completion of the roof

– 25% – completion of the villas or property

– 5% – keys delivery

Of course, our experts assist you in all your procedures.