Investing in a property in Mauritius helps you benefit from a mild tropical climate in a francophone country renowned for its idyllic setting and its relaxed lifestyle. In fact, Mauritius is one of the French's favorite destinations; they represent over 40% of the tourists traveling to Mauritius. The proximity to the island of Reunion is also an asset for the French pensioners wishing to spend their retirement in Mauritius, allowing them to return to France when needed.

In addition to providing access to this particularly welcoming country, property investment in Mauritius offers the benefit of a stable legal environment and a favorable political climate with a real long-term vision of governance on the part of ruling parties. In fact, Mauritius is a parliamentary democracy with strong roots, functioning institutions and a real concern for democracy and separation of powers. Moreover, unlike France, the Mauritian tax policy is seen as a long-term development tool which allows foreigners to invest in Mauritius with a perspective of long-term stability and to enjoy a very advantageous tax system.

Finally, investment in Mauritius offers you the opportunity to participate in the growth of a country whose economy is booming. Indeed, thanks to its geographical location and political context favorable to entrepreneurship and investment, Mauritius is one of the most dynamic emerging economies of the Indian Ocean.