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Asset Management

Real Estate Investment Management


Broll Indian Ocean Asset Management

Asset management represents a specialised field of real estate management. It involves the supervision of real estate assets at the investment level, within microeconomic, macroeconomic and industry environments; it focuses on proactive, long-term, strategic and financial planning. Broll’s Asset Managers assist in the formulation, implementation and management of the following strategies to realise return and/or portfolio growth objectives.

Investment Strategies include :

  • Sectoral and geographical structure
  • Optimal portfolio asset amalgamation in relation to risk and return appetite
  • Acquisition and disposal strategies
  • Immature, maturing and mature asset strategies
  • Due diligence exercises

Management Strategies :

  • Best practice management policies, procedures and systems
  • Performance management of the property manager
  • Optimisation and turnaround strategies for distressed property portfolios
  • Development, redevelopment and refurbishment strategies to best extract and/or optimise asset value
  • Financial and financing strategies (including budgeting and forecasting)

Financial & Financing :

  • One-off review and recommendation
  • Annual review and recommendation
  • Ongoing asset management, input and advice on a fixed-term contract
  • Specific objective- or project-related consultancy – advice, guidance and/or recommendations
  • Monthly retainer

Capital Markets :

  • Investment advisory services
  • Access to local and global Capital Markets through our extended networks
  • Creating the right opportunities for our clients
  • Providing solutions and structures for greater value and returns