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Property Management

What We Can Do For You


Broll Indian Ocean Property Management

How you manage your property today has a great impact on its value tomorrow. This is a concept that Broll Indian Ocean fully understands, and it underpins how we manage your property portfolio. Our goal is to ensure that we structure service models tailor-made to your exact requirements so as to maximise the value of your portfolio and/or returns on your investment.

Through Broll-Online, our industry leading proprietary software, you can monitor all important management criteria from the comfort of your office or home, wherever you are in the world.

The services offered are :

  • Lease administration and management including negotiation of renewals, new leases, lease regearand terminations.
  • Market vacant spaces to maximise revenues
  • Tenants relationship, liaison and management to ensure their satisfaction and minimise anyproblem areas
  • Loading all property data / tenant data / lease terms on our management system Broll-Online
  • Billing of rental, recoveries and collections
  • Debtors control, monitoring and chasing (take timeous action in case of non-collection andmonitor delinquent debts and assist with legal actions where applicable)
  • Measure performance and advise Client on tenant’s mix, strategic options and decisions