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Facilities Management

What We Can Do For You


Broll Indian Ocean Facilities Management

Broll Indian Ocean, Facilities Management is dedicated to the co-ordination of and functionality of space thus letting you focus on your core business. We cater for a wide range of services for real estate investors and managers. These services can lower costs, decrease risk and improve overall efficiency by enabling our clients to control expenditure while improving service delivery.

Depending on your property type, a variety of engineering services may also help identify and overcome any obstacles you’re facing. Broll Indian Ocean and partners has specialised professionals in each specific area that can provide the expertise you need to creates ideal environments. We provide a full range of services and safety processes to help drive efficiencies and reduce operating expenses.

Examples of services include :

  • Energy-Based Improvements & Adjustments
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing & Septic
  • HVAC Efficiency & Operation
  • Utilities Management
  • Cleaning & Janitorial
  • Security Patrol
  • Landscaping & Yard Work
  • Building Occupancy Services

Value we add to facilities management:

  • Measurable and accountable service levels benchmarked to international best practice in facility management
  • Computer-assisted facilities management systems
  • Transparent procurement through market independence
  • Advanced energy assessment, monitoring and management systems
  • Adherence to occupational health, safety and security standards
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Single point of facilities management contact
  • Simple amalgamated invoicing
  • Reduced administration load
  • Specialised consulting services
  • Immediate access to best-practice techniques through our partner network