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Syndic / Body Corporate

What We Can Do For You


Broll Indian Ocean Syndic / Body Corporate

When it comes to reliable and efficient Syndic/Body Corporate services, there’s little substitute for experience combined with a focus on reducing your risk and delivering great service. The Syndic/Body Corporate is in charge of the running of the joint ownership and the scope of services cover a wide array to meet the requirements of the Association Syndical.

Financial Services

This includes billing, collection, and payment of invoices, preparation of financial statements, budgets and fiscal compliance to Mauritian civil codes.

Administration and Compliance Program

The administration and compliance program encompasses all financial activities of a routine basis for any given fiscal year. This includes financial services, administrative duties and compliance to regulations and Mauritian Civil Codes

Full Service and Management Program

Full service management to the association undertakes all administrative activities, creates and implements management programs including preventative management programs in the areas of property maintenance, financial planning and communication with unit owners.